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33 Gift Ideas for full-time RVers – Gifts they will actually appreciate and use

Finding great gifts for full-time RVers can be difficult. They have limited space and typically travel often. 

Not to worry, though, here is a list of 33 gift ideas that any full-time RVer would appreciate. 

They may already own some of the items on this list, so put your investigator hat on to ensure you are not gifting something they already own. 

Living in an RV requires that people get creative with their storage.

The idea is to gift them something they would love to have but would not buy themselves or simply haven’t bought it.  

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33 Gift Ideas for Full-time RVers

Since full-time RVers have to get creative with their space, most of these gift ideas are practical items they would actually use and, in a way, would potentially better their RV lifestyle. 

Outdoor Gifts

Hammock – A foldable hammock can go a long way. I love to lounge around, read a book, or work on a new blog post with a great view and breeze from the comfort of our hammock. 

Lounge chairs – Sitting outside and enjoying the view can be relaxing and a great way to spend quality time. Jerry and I love sitting outside when and having endless conversations. 

We’re hoping to upgrade our current lounge chairs to zero gravity chairs. Now those are some comfy chairs! 

Picnic Backpack – We recently got our picnic backpack through Amazon and have used it a few times already. It’s great to take with you to a park, a hike, or the beach. 

Folding Wagon – Constantly moving from one location to another means there is a lot of setting up and putting away.

I use our folding wagon to haul stuff in and out of the RV storage compartment. 

It makes setting up easy and efficient. 

Portable grill – Again, if you’re RVing, you’re probably grilling something. Cooking outdoors while you’re out camping or boondocking is inevitable. 

A good quality grill that doesn’t take too much space would be a great gift. 

Inflatable Kayak – Any adventurer would love a kayak!

Portable Projector – This is an excellent gift for indoors or outdoors, and the whole family can enjoy it! 

RV Travel Mat – You can’t go wrong with a good quality, easily foldable travel mat. 

We use ours all the time. We usually use it as a hangout area with lounge chairs. It also helps keep the inside of the RV clean. 

Fire Pit – This is one of those things that I really want, but I haven’t bought. 

There have been so many instances where I wish we had a fire pit. The weather is just right, the daylight is starting to disappear, and all I want is to make smores on the open flame.  

Inside Gifts

Camping Decor 

Camping decor can be fun, humourous, and adds personality to the RV or camper. There are many options available on Amazon and Etsy. 

Welcome Mat – A creative or even personalized welcome mat makes a beautiful gift.   

Kitchen Mat – Again, a creative or personalized kitchen mat can add some personality to their RV.

We own the one below, and it makes me smile every time I see it. Sometimes it is the little things that bring joy to our hearts. 

Shower Curtain – There are some funny and goofy shower curtains for RVers. A camping shower curtain is sure to get some laughs. 

Camping Ornaments or Lights – During the holidays, it may be fun to add some RV or Camper ornaments and lights to appreciate the full-time RVer lifestyle. 

They are cute and great conversation starters. 

Instant-Pot – I am obsessed with our Instant Pot! There are so many recipes, and the clean-up work is more manageable than if I had cooked with pots and pans. 

The fewer dishes we have to wash, the better, especially while boondocking. 

Folding step stool – This one is for my fun size people. I am 5″ and need a step stool for almost all of our upper cabinets. 

Seriously, it’s a lifesaver!     

Nesting bowls – Any space-saving cookware is appreciated! 

I don’t think I can say this enough, full-time RV living means you give up a lot of space, so you have to get creative! 

Waffle Maker or Grilled Cheese Maker – Anything to spend less time in the kitchen and more time exploring. 

Bluetooth Speaker – A starry night, a fire going, and some good tunes can be so relaxing!  

Solar Power Bank with Torch and Compass – They’ll never have to worry about their phone or camera dying before finishing an outdoor adventure. 

Splurge-Worthy Gifts

If you really love (and want to splurge) on your RV loved one, any Jackery solar panel and generator will do. 

This way, they can make their waffles and more in the outdoors! 

Jackery Portable Power Station

Jackery solar saga 100w portable solar panel for explorer 240

For the RV

Backup camera – Game changer. This would be the perfect gift for anyone that doesn’t already have a backup camera. 

Trust me, a backup camera makes a world of difference. 

RV Step covers – Step covers make the space feel homier, and they help keep your RV cleaner.

Hose and cord caddy – A hose and cord caddy can be invaluable to simplify setup and packing for each trip. 

Having an organized RV makes life easier. 

Stocking Stuffers

The Adventure Challenge – This is a fun gift for anyone. The Adventure Challenge has an edition for everyone (family, friends, couples, solo, and in bed – wink wink ).

Their adventures are such a fun, innovative way to create great memories.  

A nice picnic is a great way to spend quality time together.

National Parks Pass – One of the best things about living in an RV is traveling to different locations and experiencing the outdoors. 

The America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass is your annual ticket to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites across the country. 

A pass covers entrance, standard amenity fees, and day-use fees for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle at per vehicle fee areas (or up to four adults at sites that charge per person).

You can purchase the park pass directly through, or for the same price, you can buy it through REI, and they will donate 10% of the sales to the National Park Foundation.

Bedside Caddy – I’ll say it repeatedly, space is gold when you live in an RV. Anything that helps you get organized and creative with your space is vital. 

Travel Map: This is a creative way to track what National Parks and states they have visited. 

I always feel a sense of joy and satisfaction when scratching off a new location we have seen. 

RV Travel Journal – Another creative way to track their RV adventures. 

Rechargeable Flashlight – A robust and reliable flashlight will always be needed. It’s a practical gift that will definitely be used.   

Poo Pourri – While this is a funny gift idea, it is also practical. 

Our restroom is located next to our bedroom, and Poo Pourri helps me use the bathroom without worrying that Jerry will make a smell remark trying to make fun of me.  

Their nose will thank you later!

Personalized Decals – You can create customized decals and stickers through Sticker Mule. Their products are great, and their customer service is fantastic! 

Cold Hard Cash – While some people think giving money is impersonal, others really appreciate the cash. They can purchase something they’ve been wanting or something they may need. 

You can’t go wrong with money. 

Interesting Fact

The brain releases dopamine during a shopping experience. That’s why it’s called retail therapy. 

So, now that I’ve given you some gift ideas for full-time RVers, go do some shopping. Get your retail therapy on!!! 

If you still need a few more gift ideas for full-time RVers, check out my post on RV Accessories Every RVer Should Have.


What are some fun RV gifts that you have received or would love to receive? 

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