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Things to know before DIY RV Remodel 

We are currently full-timers in a 2017, 26ft – Coachman Freelander. We decided to remodel our RV for aesthetics and functionality. 

The idea came after reading articles about how your home’s color, layout, and cleanliness can affect your mental well-being. 

My husband (Jerry) was working from home and would spend most of his days indoors, so after reading a few articles about your home’s influence on your mood, I jumped at the opportunity to DIY remodel our RV.

(It turns out Jerry is naturally grumpy, and it had nothing to do with our home!)

Our RV is not very old, so all of its bones are still good, which has been helpful. However, I have said it before, RVs are not meant for full-time living. The majority of them are dark, unwelcoming, and not very functional. 

First Things First – Research

This may seem like a no-brainer, but DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! If you have not remodeled an RV before, I strongly recommend learning from other people’s mistakes. 

RVs are made differently than homes, so it won’t be a normal remodel, and you won’t use the same materials as you would in a house. 

Inspect your RV to determine the materials used, to identify any needed repairs, and any aesthetic changes you would like to make.   

You can also get some of your inspiration from other RV remodels. I got my inspiration from other RV remodels, and home renovation shows. 

Make a Plan

Once you have done some research, you can start making a plan. 

Making a plan will help you stay organized, create a budget, and determine if you need professional help during your remodel. 

Our RV renovation is taking months to complete because we keep adding things to our list. So, make a plan and try to stick to it. 

Making a detailed plan about your renovation will help you get organized, stay on track, and stay within budget.

What to include in your plan:

  • Budget
  • The time you can commit to the remodel 
  • Which project will you start first? 
  • Tools you will need (do you have them, or will you need to purchase them)
  • Materials required for each project
  • Any building plans/drawings 

Make your plan as detailed as you can to help reduce your trips to the hardware store. Home Depot became our second home because of the remodel. 

Remember to expect the unexpected and leave some wiggle room for your budget. 

Practice Patience

Whether you are DIY or using a professional contractor, renovations in your home cause a lot of stress! 

Doing your research and creating a plan will help alleviate some of the stress. 

DIY is meant to be fun—practice patience with yourself and those around you. 

Stacey taking a selfie while painting the bedroom.

Remember to take some time to walk away and do other fun activities. Do not let the remodel and the stress of getting it done consume your life. 

Have fun with your DIY RV remodel!

Check out our DIY RV remodel before and after pictures!

Share some of your DIY RV remodel stories in the comments below. 

3 Comments on “Things to know before DIY RV Remodel 

  1. OMG I love this article. In the middle of an RV renovation and our significant others must be brothers. Grumpy weight a capital G! That helps the already stressful process. 😩 Thanks for your sound advice, you hit the nail on the head…at least your article did… Not sure about in your RV? Lol

    1. Ha Ha, yes, remodeling can be the ultimate test of patience. If you can survive a remodel you can survive anything, especially if it’s in an RV with a Grumpy partner! Like I mentioned in the article, the remodel should also be fun, so make sure to take some time to enjoy each other’s company and ideas lol don’t let the remodel get the best of you!
      Good luck with your remodel! Share some pictures of your remodel if you can!

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