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RV Renovation Reveal (Before & After)

I am beyond excited to share our RV renovation before and after pictures. 

We have successfully remodeled our restroom, bedroom, kitchen, and added solar! 

We still have our living room and top bunker to tackle, but I think we need a break. We will take some time away from the remodel to explore the outdoors. 

Don’t worry, though; we will share our adventures with you! 

3 Comments on “RV Renovation Reveal (Before & After)

  1. Wow, it’s impressive to know that some RV remodels can be quite cheap. I’m interested in learning more about RV remodels because I’m planning to go one a road trip in a few weeks. Perhaps getting the bathroom redesigned might be a good idea.


    1. Remodels take some work but can be done affordably. It is so rewarding when you see the finished product. I hope you are able to remodel your restroom to make it feel homier. Good luck on your road trip!

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