RV accessories every RVer should have.
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RV Accessories Every RVer Should Have

RV Accessories

One of the things I love the most about traveling in an RV is that you have your entire house with you. I literally have everything I need with me, and I am prepared for whatever the road throws at us. 

To be prepared in an RV there are a few accessories you will need to get. I compiled a list of 20 RV accessories that every RVer should have. 

Some of the accessories are for everyday living, routine maintenance, or just to be prepared. 

We got all of our RV accessories on Amazon and I provided an image link for each product to facilitate your search for them. 

Whether you’re a full-timer or only take your RV out for weekend trips, you will need these accessories. 

Everyday Use Accessories

Surge Guard – This identifies faulty power and provides surge protection.

Windshield Cover – A windshield cover helps control the temperature and adds privacy to your RV. 

Wheel Covers – You will want to protect your tires from the sun, especially if you are stationary for an extended time. 

Battery Maintainer/Trickle Charger – You want to make sure to take care of your battery. If you are stationary for a while or in case you kill your battery this trickle charger is a great RV accessory to have. I recommend this Noco 10amp charger because of the features it has. Like being able to handle different battery types.     

Inline Water Filter – (You can get the kit. or buy the items individually.) You want to protect your RV plumbing when connecting to the city water. Who knows what’s in the city water nowadays and our RVs were not built to handle the city water pressure. 


Freshwater hose

Water Pressure Regulator 

Leveling System with Wheel Chock – This leveling system has made our RV leveling super easy!  We can easily adjust the height and drive up the ramps to level the RV. The only downside is having to buy the wood separately to assemble it. 

Standard Level 

RV Vent Insulator – Vent insulators help control the temperature of your RV and can reduce the light coming in when you want to sleep in late.

Sewer Hose – Your RV may already have one, but if it doesn’t I recommend you get the one with the clear elbow. This will help when you are cleaning your tanks! 

Sewer Hose Support – Some RV sites require that you have sewer hose support. This support also helps your tanks empty smoother. 

Maintenance Accessories

RV Toilet Treatment TST – Believe me your black water tanks and your noses will thank me for this one. 

Flexible Swivel Stik – a lot of the newer RVs come with a system like this already built into the tanks, but if your RV doesn’t have this you risk clogging your tanks or simply not cleaning them properly, which in the long run will cause problems. 

Water Heater Tank Rinser – This helps remove sediments from the bottom of the water heater. Routine maintenance will help extend the life of your RV water heater. 

Being Prepared Accessories

Air Compressor / Tire Pump   

AMP Adaptor – Some RV sites will have a 30amp plug, so if your RV is 50amps you’ll need this adaptor. 

Roadside Emergency Kit 


First Aid Kit – If your fur babies come along for the adventure, they should have a first aid kit as well. The last time we went to the dessert our dog snagged and ripped off his entire nail. The kit helped us be able to get the bleeding under control and clean his wound properly. 

Updated (10/1/2021) Shovel – This item was added to the RV accessories list after we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle. We drove into some sand that we should not have driven on and got stuck! I am adding a shovel as a must-have item because it can come in handy for multiple reasons while you are boondocking. Jerry purchased one with multiple uses because that’s just what he does, but a simple camping shovel would also get the job done. The shovel is also most helpful when you boondock. 


Updated (10/1/2021) Emergency Traction – This traction aid would have been helpful the first time we got stuck in soft dirt. The best part about it is that it works in snow, mud, or sand. It works well in all seasons. 


Comment below if there are any other “must-have” accessories we should include on the list. 

I know RVs have limited space, and you may think that you don’t need all of these accessories, but you do! The RV accessories on this list are a MUST unless your RV already comes equipped with it. 

The links I included are for the products we bought and tried. I’m sure there are other brands, but I wanted to add only products that we have personally tried. 

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