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Behr vs. Beyond Paint Review

Best RV Remodeling Paint

We decided to remodel our RV (our home) after reading an article that suggested that a home’s appearance can affect your mood and motivation. The goal was to make the RV less dark… more welcoming… more adventure-ready. 

The painting was the least expensive, and it made a significant immediate difference. Also, we were living in our RV while we were remodeling, so I needed paint that required minimal work, would be convenient, and would give me more bang for my buck. I was looking for the best RV remodeling paint. 

Beyond Paint

Beyond Paint was highly rated and recommended for RV painting because it is an all-in-one paint. That means very little prepping is needed. I bought a 1-gallon and a pint of Bright White Beyond Paint. Beyond Paint can only be found online, has a limited variety of colors, was out of stock for weeks, and is more expensive than other brands. Overall, it was good, not excellent. The instructions recommend you do two coats of paint, but I had to do more than two coats to cover the area entirely. I probably did up to four coats in some areas. I am not sure if it was my painting skills or the paint itself, but it did not impress me. 

I painted cabinets and walls in the RV and did minimal prep work. I cleaned the surfaces, and that was all. Beyond paint did cover everything and the finished product looks pretty good, but overall I was not a happy camper. Having to wait for the paint to be back in stock, then waiting for it to be mailed was a bit frustrating. I ran out of paint and still needed to do a few touchups, which meant waiting for more paint to be mailed. I would have rather the convenience of picking it up from a store when I needed it. 

BEHR Paint

BEHR Paint is exclusively sold at Home Depot and online, which can be limiting. However, they have a large selection of colors and even have a few specialty options. They have the all-in-one paint (highly recommend if you want to reduce your prep work), Scuff Defense, and Marquee – one coat guaranteed. 

BEHR was more affordable than other brands, and in regards to its performance, it did a great job. I used two or three coats, depending on the surface. Again, I did minimal prep work and painted cabinets as well as walls. Having to do fewer coats definitely sped up the process and allowed me to finish painting faster. Let me remind you that we were living in the RV while trying to renovate – I loved that BEHR made it an easier and faster process. 

I used the Scuff Defense to help with maintenance and even managed to find a color that matched my toaster! I used a total of three different colors by BERH and they all managed to cover the unsanded cabinets and walls. 

Bottom Line – Which is Better

When it comes to painting the interior of your RV, you want something easy to apply and durable. Between BEHR and Beyond Paint, BEHR is the best RV remodeling paint. BEHR requires fewer coats, sets faster, has a wide variety of options, and is less expensive. It gives you a better result for the price you pay. 

Full disclosure, the comparison of BEHR and Beyond paint is coming from my personal experience. I am also not a professional. It was my first time using either of the brands. I’m learning as I go and sharing my opinion. 

A detailed blog post about RV painting tips and tricks is soon to come. 

What brand paint have you used and would recommend?