Strawberry Laser Review – Does it Really Work?

The Strawberry Laser is an FDA-approved non-invasive weight loss treatment that offers; skin tightening, body contouring, and cellulite reduction.

It can be an excellent option for individuals who do not wish to undergo surgery and have stubborn areas that do not budge. 

The treatment can take as little as one hour a week for eight(8) or more weeks. The length of the treatment is dependent on each individual and their goals. 

Strawberry Laser Lipo is said to lasts for as long as you maintain it. That means that you have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. 

Does it really work? 

That’s a great question! 

Almost everything I read online said it does work. 

You can lose more than one (1) inch every treatment! 

The before and after pictures all looked promising, so I had to find out for myself. 

I like the majority of people gained some covid-weight. I had gained a total of 25lbs and was not carrying the weight well. 

It was time to do something about it, and what better thing to do than a non-invasive procedure that promises I won’t have to change my diet or exercise routine drastically? 

My First Treatment 

The goal was to lose 4 inches off my waist. That would leave me with a 28-inch waist. Nothing unrealistic. 

I signed up for 12 Strawberry Laser sessions on my entire abdomen, thinking that would be more than enough. 

My first appointment was the day we set my goals, measured my waist, and took pictures. 

When placing the lasers, they put them on my upper abdomen for 10 minutes and my lower abdomen for another 10 minutes. The Strawberry Lasers wrapped almost all around my waist. 

Once the laser time ended, I spent another 10 minutes on a vibrating machine. 

I was told that ten minutes on that machine would equal a 40-minute workout. 

My Strawberry Laser Results

My measurements were taken once more after the first treatment. They said I had lost 1.5 inches off my very first treatment. 

Let me provide some clarification on how they do the measurements. My waist was measured in 4 different locations. The circumference loss amount of each measurement taken would be added, and that is how they determined how many inches you lost around your waist. 

So when they say I lost 1.5 inches around my waist, it in no way meant I was closer to my goal. 

After 12 weeks of going in for the treatments, my waist size was the same!

Strawberry laser treatment is excellent in theory, but let’s be honest… It is not worth the money or time spent.  

The Strawberry laser treatment should have worked without me needed to change my diet or exercise routine. At least, that is what I was told about this fantastic treatment. 

In my opinion, you will get better results with a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine. 

When it comes to your body size and weight loss, if it sounds too good or too easy to be true, it’s probably not worth your time.